Out Of Nothing Comes Something


Stillness wants to move. Silence has a lot to say. Emptiness wants to fill up and express itself, again and again.

If we can rest in the stillness, relax with the emptiness, allow for a saturation of silence…we can create from our deepest places.

Empty the well so that you may be full again. Trust in the empty space. It’s your doorway into what’s waiting to be expressed.

I stopped and started a lot. People shook their head. They thought I wasn’t making the most of my opportunities. And maybe I wasn’t.

But I was also following a call deep within that told me to slow down, to ease up, and sometimes, to stop.

The empty space was never empty for long. Another creative surge would flow through me and create: a song, a poem, a joke, a workshop, a new business idea, a cheesy inspirational meme. (C’mon, they’re everywhere on social media. But they’re nice, aren’t they? Who can’t use another dolphin photo reminder that encourages you to find your joy?)

So whenever someone gets all freaked out that they’ll never have another good idea again or that their well is dry or their mojo is lost I say: Chill the f**k out.

Get still.

Get silent.

Rest with your deepest essence.

It’s a womb of potential.

And then let whatever wants to come out, come out. Don’t judge, or try to manipulate it, or try to market it or categorize it. Just let it fly. Let it soar in your heart and on your lips or on the page or on the canvas or in the park – even if someone stares. Later you can figure out what to “do” with this divine impulse of becoming.

But for now, let it out to play.

The creative muse will thank you for unchaining her to your mind’s ideas of how it’s all supposed to look and begin visiting more often. What could you create today if you could get out of the way?

Sarah Taylor