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One on One Sessions

Energy Healing:
This session encourages body, mind, heart, and spirit to come into harmony and sing the unique song you’re here to sing. A removal of blocks, deeper clarity, and a more profound sense of connection to your Spirit is possible though the transmission of healing energy.

For those who would like regular support on the spiritual path. The guidance is rooted in discovering your true nature — beyond the mind and its stories and identities — so that you fully meet your life with more authenticity and freedom.

I lead online and in-person group events. Healing, dropping deeper into your true nature, accessing your creative flow, and navigating your life from the perspective of clarity, purpose, and authenticity. Group events can be deep and profound…or celebratory and vibrant. The aim is for you to engage in your life as a modern mystic, open to the magic of your unique life.

Divine Ray Group Healing Sessions

Divine Ray Group Healing Sessions with Susanne and Sarah are an ongoing, online group healing series. There is a talk and an energy transmission that can support awakening, healing, and embodiment of a thriving life. They are monthly, online through Zoom, an easy-to-use video platform.



Thank you so much for speaking to our organization. You were terrific! I really enjoyed your meditation session. I have received much feedback on how much the ladies and their daughters loved you! Thank you again!
You helped me to see, Sarah. You reflected truth at me, and you helped guide me home. I am ever grateful for you.
Sarah’s sessions always leave me feeling clear. Her compassionate and intuitive talents are amazing. Sarah is a master.
— esther a.
Your presence during our session was unreal. My mind was completely empty and I was fully and completely all in. I went into silence shortly after the session and that’s when it happened, the realization of love. I felt love everywhere and in everything and I realized that I am love and I have always been. A feeling so familiar yet new, as if remembering an old forgotten memory. Your support, care, and love are beyond words. I’m forever grateful.
— Nora B.
A shift occurred and I feel more grounded…and clarity. There’s a creative energy coming through. Sarah, it’s been awhile since my energy has felt this good – thank you so much!
— adriana s.
I had no idea Sarah’s work was going to have such an impact in my life. I strongly believe God placed her in my life to help guide me in my journey.
— arleen l.
Thank you for giving me inspiration for my art with your sessions. You really have been my muse!
My life has completely changed since my first session with Sarah.
— heather k.
I have seen many healers and out of everyone I’ve seen, Sarah was able to dive right in to the heart of my issues and nip them in the bud during the first session. She is amazingly intuitive and knew things about me that she could’ve never known. She blew me away! Sarah is THE BEST!
— maureen m.
You have made an enormous difference and I believe that through our work, you’ve helped me make enormous strides in my life.
— kim h.
It was incredible. I just wanted to let you know how much I responded to it. Right now I’m a bit in awe, scared and happy all at the same time.
— lola m.
Thank you for the event last week. I loved it. You do magic. Your light, energy, force, and love is amazing. So — thank you.
— jodi h.
Sarah Taylor is a rare combo in the healing arts. She integrates vast spiritual knowledge, a powerful intuitive channel, a little humor and a lot of heart and soul.
— adele u.
Thank you so much for so much love you put into your healing sessions. I wanted to tell you that last night…I feel it was a breakthrough. Thank you for helping me and you are definitely such a light on my journey.
— victor c.

One on One Sessions


Energy Healing Sessions

I work with powerful frequencies of healing energy I call Flow. I’m also a Reiki Master

The energy healing transmission that I channel is a flow of harmonious energies that saturate you with Truth/Clarity, Unconditional Love, and connection to Vitality/Embodied Purpose. This Flow is meant to support you in three vital aspects of wholeness and fulfilling your potential: healing, awakening to your true nature, and the thriving embodiment of your deepest insights and realizations.

These sessions encourage body, mind, heart, and spirit to come into harmony and sing the unique song you’re here to sing. Awakening to your true nature becomes possible. An embodiment of the deepest truths you’ve realized to this point can now start to integrate. There can be a loosening of energetic knots, an integration, and a blossoming of authentic expression.

These sessions lift you and hold you in this powerful energy and are a foundational assistance for those who want to wake up, heal, and embody truth in your day-to-day life with your unique purpose. They are a boost into wholeness and support for your being in Flow.

People often get several Energy Healing Sessions within a certain time frame, as deeper insights, healing, and bodily integration can occur with steady connection to this energy and our work together. If you have any questions, please contact me. 

Zoom/Skype online: 
75 minutes, $175
1 hour + 45 minutes, $250

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Energy Healing Sessions
from 175.00
Session Length:
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Spiritual Mentoring
Zoom/Skype: 45-50 minutes

For those who would like support and guidance on the spiritual path. Whether you seek awakening or awakening has already begun shifting your world, or you simply want to live a more aligned life, mentoring sessions can help you navigate the terrain of spiritual unfoldment while attending to your daily life.

I work with all people from those beginning a deeper spiritual path…to those who are in the mature stages of their spiritual path. Regular mentoring can hold you in the transmission of truth and help support your spiritual unfoldment in between the longer, deeper healing sessions.

If you feel you need more time beyond the sliding scale sessions, you may want to consider a healing session, as I offer 75 minute and 1 hour + 45 minute healing sessions.

Sliding scale $110 – $140; whatever works for your budget

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Spiritual Mentoring
from 110.00
Price/Sliding Scale:
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Discount Packages:
Three 75 minute Energy Healing Sessions and two 45 minute mentoring sessions: $680
-Three 75 minute Energy Healings sessions: $480
-Two 75 minute Energy Healing Sessions and one 45 minute mentoring sessions: $420

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Discount Packages
from 420.00
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Meditation Instruction and Coaching
Developing a strong meditation practice can support you at all stages along your path of healing, awakening, and thriving/embodient. After your initial session, we will continue to check in as to 1) how your meditation practice is coming along and go over adjustments you may can to deepen your practice and 2) how your practice can support your life and what you seek. I’ve found that when people commit to four to six sessions, their practice has a chance to take root. 

Four meditation session package:
50 minute sessions
Meditation basics for a strong practice to take root.

Individual meditation session:
50 minute session

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Meditation Instruction and Coaching
from 140.00
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Creative Spirit Mentoring Intensive
Zoom/Skype: 80 minutes

When we get out of the way, and our vessel is clear, divine essence moves through us and wants to take shape. Mystics are naturally artists! The nature of spirit is creative. In these sessions we explore your spiritual unfoldment as well as your creative process and how they intersect. 

  • How is the creative flow being blocked, gripped, pushed?

  • How can you incorporate self-inquiry into your creative work?

  • How can you stop being hooked by only knowing your worth through how “good” you are as a creative?

  • How can you inhabit your own unique personality and expression while still making room for the Mystery to work through you?

  • How can you untangle from the web of perfection?

  • How can you feel safe in your authentic expression?

  • How can you create opportunities to share your creativity?

All of this is explored as we look at your connection to self, spirit, truth, authenticity, your relationships, and your work. Mentoring and healing energy works comes into play in these potent sessions. 

$225 per session

A package for five sessions, which includes our entering into a commitment to a project or a certain creative exploration, with an email check-in between sessions: $975

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Creative Spirit Mentoring Intensive
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Sessions must be pre-paid within 48 hours of your appointment to be confirmed. To avoid a cancellation fee, a minimum of 48 hours is required for appointment rescheduling and cancellations. Changes made with less than 24 hours’ notice will incur the full fee of the session. When you book a session, you are agreeing to this cancellation policy. Thank you!

Full Moon OCT.jpg

Rooted in wisdom teachings on awakening to your true nature. In this special Circle, there is a burn ritual for release and a guided meditation with healing energy support for deeper awakening, healing, and thriving.

This is a group healing session. Please bring a yoga mat, pillow, and a blanket.

This circle is open to all those who identify as female.

Contact me to RSVP

Please use Venmo (@sarahtsaraht) if you have an account. Otherwise, you may pay in person. Thanks!

Women’s Full Moon Healing Circle


7:30-9:00 PM

The Crystal Shrine 
1006-1010 N. Lima St.
Burbank, CA. 91505
$25 cash only please


AHA Group 
online with Sarah Taylor

Wednesday, 8/7 at 7:30PM (PT)
Through Zoom on your phone, tablet, or computer.

The AHA Group: awakening, healing, and aligning with your truest life. How can we live from our being, our spirit, our true nature… in the midst of our modern, full, glorious and messy life? Let’s explore! Meditation with healing transmission plus down to earth, ongoing  guidance.

Online through Zoom

AHA Group
Wednesday, 8/7
7:30PM – 9:00PM (PT)
Payable through Venmo (@sarahtsaraht) or Pay Pal

Please use Venmo (@sarahtsaraht) if you have an account. Otherwise, please find me on Pay Pal through my email (

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Divine Ray Healing Group Session

Saturday, August 17th, 10AM (PT) - 11:15AM (PT)
Online through Zoom
Donation sliding scale:
$20-$35 USD
Thank you for your donation, as it makes it possible to continue this work.

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Please log on about ten minutes prior to start time. Please note that the time is U.S. Pacific Time.


~ “Powerful & beautiful new experience,  thank you.”

~ “Thank you so much for yesterday. It was a blessing. The two of you are so wonderful together. Such feminine power, softness and strength at the same time.”

~ “Dear Susanne and Sarah – I want to thank you both for the wonderful healing session today. Even better was in the hours after the session, as the fog and clouds continued to clear from over the mind, bringing forth clear seeing… just lovely .“

~ “I just want to share with you how powerful yesterday’s Divine Ray Healing was for me. After the session I felt deeply grounded and FULL (I don’t know how else to explain it….maybe complete?). This continued throughout the night and I awoke to it in the morning. I’m still basking in the afterglow. Thank you.”

~ “Very DEEP meditation.  Definitely brought up a lot for me!”  

~ “WOW … really powerful, expansive, right from the start… There is deeper movement into the shadow with insights and emotions since, would definitely say a major break though. You and Sarah Taylor seem to have a formidable process, I’ll be back.”

~ “I had been carrying a knot of undigested, unresolved negative energy that I could feel in my heart chakra. This little, hardened energy ball was taking its time…in the dark waters of lingering pain.

This was my condition going into the session.  I emerged on the other side of the hour or so event with that stubborn little dark energy ball, that had stayed with me for two and a half months, completely dissolved.

I felt vividly aware, invigorated, yet peaceful and completely resolved.  I can’t speak for anyone else there, but for me, this was the most powerful and immediate healing manifestation I have ever experienced.”

~ “I really felt a shift from the healing session and a meaningful clearing.  Thank you.” 

Divine Ray Group Healing Sessions with Susanne and Sarah are an ongoing, online group healing series that supports awakening, healing, and embodiment. They are monthly, online through Zoom, an easy-to-use video platform.

This is a tri-level healing transmission that deeply supports the awakening of mind, opening the heart to infinite love and the recognition of unity, and the vibrance of this truth in the body.

Divine Ray Group Sessions offer nourishment to our whole being so that we can live an awake life. Sessions help to loosen the knots and filters of conditioning in order to unveil true nature.

Sarah and Susanne Marie offer this ongoing support so that the evolutionary impulse of the divine may saturate and fill you, allowing the full potential of your life to blossom.

There currently seems to be an increase in both grace descending, as well as healing energy, coming through for our planet and for all beings during this crucial time.

Divine Ray Group Healing Sessions are a potent power surge helping to align you with your own inherent divinity assisting you in your evolutionary journey of healing and awakening.

Sarah Taylor and Susanne Marie are spiritual mentors and energy healing practitioners who share a Source-centered impulse to support those on the path of embodying awake wholeness.

Through a number of revelatory and synchronistic experiences, their joining forces in offering these group sessions became inevitable.

Divine Ray Group Healing Sessions
from 20.00
Price/Sliding Scale:
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Susanne Marie


Featured in conversation with Adyashanti on Buddha at the Gas Pump as well as recently on Conscious TV, Susanne Marie offers teachings in support of freedom and the celebration of our common essence of love and unity with all life.

Susanne, the parent of two young adults, divides her time between Taos, New Mexico, and Northern California, and offers spiritual mentoring, group facilitation, as well as Grace Healing Sessions to individuals and groups.

Susanne Marie’s website:

Sarah Taylor


Sarah is a spiritual/creative mentor and energy healing practitioner as well as a stand-up comedian, actor, and writer/performer.

After undergoing a series of profound and radical inner shifts, today she is a catalyst for people to turn inward and realize the radiance of their true nature. As we discover this truth, it illuminates our mind, body, heart, and unique creative expression. Sarah works with modern mystics who are committed to waking up, healing, thriving, and sharing their unique gifts in service to the world.

Check out her TEDx talk, her interview on Buddha At The Gas Pump, and to learn more about what she offers here: